Upcoming Events!

Was that the Flicker of the 10 minute warning?

While we wish we had a crystal ball to tell us when we'll be able to get back to offering high quality live performances, we just don't. We are hoping that current circumstances mean that we are finally seeing the flickering of the house lights indicating that our intermission is almost to a close.

We are committed to finding ways to continue to provide entertainment while adhering to local guidelines concerning  COVID-19. We are continually discussing our options and are open to ideas you may have-just shoot us an email or consider joining the Board of Directors!  

Memberships and Advertising Contracts paid for 2020 will automatically carry over for 2021. We always welcome new members and any charitable donations to offset operating costs that didn't take an intermission with us.

May 15, 2016

Camp is weekdays, July 17 - 28, 9 - 4.  Performances July 29, 7:30 pm (might think about changing that to 7.  The show is just an hour, but gets late for small children) and July 30, 2 pm

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