"Big shout out to the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies cast of "Nuncrackers" who nailed it this afternoon despite flu damage to the roster. Great job!"

"What a wonderful show! We enjoyed every minute of it. 
The set worked beautifully, the actors were flawless, the blocking and characters were each perfectly created and completely believable, the lighting was superb and affective without being intrusive, the cast was beautiful in every respect, the pacing and timing was excellent, nothing was missing to make a memorable evening of theater!."

"Thank you to the Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies for staging this remarkable story of strength, courage, dedication and love. Kudos to director Deborah Baldwin, the cast and crew for bringing us such a heartfelt and moving retelling of the Helen Keller story.

The physicality in some of the scenes must be exhausting for Helen and Annie and it was for the audience as well as we empathized with the war of wills that was occurring.

Chloe Burke was completely convincing as young Helen and her transformation as the end of the show brought tears to my eyes.

Torae Reid wonderfully conveyed her fiery Irish stubbornness, a passion for teaching and her hopes for Helen.."

"I really enjoyed the humor and great acting in 'You Can't Take it With You' "

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