"The 25th Annual

Putnam County Spelling Bee"


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The Guild invites all those 16+ to audition:

Mostly “adultish” characters. Played, ideally by 20-40 something individuals.  There are NO LEAD roles.  Each character equally important and integral to the production.  That are indeed “characters”. It will only work with each and every character being so over the top it actually becomes credible.  Fun show; but individually what each brings to the table and allows him/herself to become as that character will make the magic happen.


Held, 3 PM on Sunday afternoon at Hemple Recital Hall November 17.   Accompanist provided

Prepare  NO MORE than 1 minute of a song that best showcases your individual vocal style.  IF there is a particular role in the show you’d like to be considered for, you may also select a song from the show to sing.

Depending on turn out; you may also be asked to do cold


Will begin Monday, January 6th. 7-9 PM and run weeknights through Thursdays.  You will be expected to be at all rehearsals when called.  Beginning FEBRUARY 11, you will need to be at all rehearsals Monday through Thursday’s as we begin to run larger sections.

Upon being cast; you will be to Given a score and script so that you can begin learning lines and music to report to first rehearsal on the 6th of January. The work you do beforehand will be important as we will move quickly and efficiently with blocking/staging and choreography.  We will not spend time “learning lines”. That is your responsibility.   We will have vocal and chorus practices.  But, again; learning your parts beforehand is imperative.



Last two weekends in February, 2020

*IF you can not make that time, you must contact director Chris Wood prior to that date to arrange for a private audition/interview.

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