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The Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies, founded in Estes Park, Colorado, in 1958, is a non-profit organization directed by a volunteer board.  The board represents members of the community who support the arts in Estes Park.


Vision statement:  Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies builds on its tradition of excellence by providing opportunities in the Arts through participation, education and outreach.


Mission statement:   Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies is committed to building on its tradition of excellence by providing experience in the performing and visual arts through participation, education, and outreach.


Consider a business contribution by advertising in our program. Or, become a member and enjoy free tickets and other benefits throughout the year. 

Do you own/manage an Estes Valley business? Email for Fine Arts Guild program advertising information and fees at fineartsguildep@gmail.com.

Interested in a Fine Arts Guild membership (includes tickets to performances & memento)? Email us at fineartsguildep@gmail.com


Single  -  $40 (1 ticket per event)              



Couple - $65 (2 tickets per event)


Family -  $75 (1 ticket per each family member residing in same household)


Contributor - $125 (4 tickets per event)

Patron -  $250 (6 tickets per event)

Benefactor (Individual or Business) - $500 (10 tickets per event)



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